Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Benton Entertainment?

Benton Entertainment is a rights management firm. We focus on handling the business side of the music industry. We have a 20 year old history of assisting independent artist, songwriters and composers.

Why Should I Use Benton Entertainment?

We pride ourselves on being a true one stop shop for all of our clients. Not only do we distribute your music, we also make sure that all of your royalties are collected. We are sticklers for doing everything by the book and always look out for our client’s best interest. Our goal is assist independent artist, songwriters and composers release and manage their works. Giving them the space to be creative, while we handle the rest.

How Much Do You Charge?

Our work is commission based. We retain a 25% commission of anything we earn. There are no upfront, annual or per release fees.. Additionally, we include many services others charge for, such as:
– Spotify Pre-Saves
– Release day link page
– Shazam
– Adding back catalog to new providers
– Spotify / Apple / Google artist page / Verification
– UPC codes
– Pre- Orders
– Much more

Who Do You Distribute To?

We distribute to approximately one hundred global partners including all the big guys: Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google, etc

Is this a Label Deal?

This is not a label, however all of our releases are distributed via our label: Benton Records. Additionally, all publishing is done via our publishing companies: Benton Publishing (ASCAP) and Benton Records Publishing (BMI). We can also register your music with the Harry Fox Agency, Sound Exchange and others.

Do You Take Ownership of the Copyrights?

No, all rights remain with the original creators. Our job is simply to administer the works.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Our core services are distribution and rights management (Publishing Administration). In addition we offer:
– Cover song licensing
– Sample clearance
– Graphic design
– Video services
– YouTube / Soundcloud monetization
– Social media marketing
– Synch licensing
– Neighboring rights

Will You Promote My Music?

We do our best to promote our release via our social media channels. We also pitch to certain playlist and when appropriate email DJs and record pools. Every release includes a Spotify Pre-save link and relase day link page. However, these are not contractual and we do them in order to assist our clients. It is ultimately your responsibility to promote your music. We do offer additional marketing and graphic design services. Get more info here.

What If My Question Is Not Listed?

Send us an email to and we will answer you right away.